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Exceptional care for exceptional animals

Welcome to Patchwork Petcare

Customized call-in care for peculiar pets

Take back your time and freedom to travel, without all the stress of leaving your pets behind.

We cater to all manner of weird and wonderful souls, including domestic and exotic pets, poultry and smallholdings, and pets with medical conditions or behavioural issues. 

So if you’ve been pulling your hair out trying to find the right sitter for your little (or not so little!) oddballs, get in touch today to arrange a free consultation!


Different is what we do!


Customised services for unique pets

Patchwork Petcare’s services are customised to suit the  changing needs of your pet. We understand that living with pets with unique needs can be challenging, but also, so incredibly rewarding!

One size does not fit all – we all know this too well – and the stress of finding someone suitable to care for your pet can be frustrating and overwhelming.

This is where we come in.

Different is what we do, and we don’t charge extra for large households or special requests!

Safety & security above all

We take safety and security very seriously, not just for your pets, but also your property, the public and ourselves. 

We have many different practices in place to ensure safety and security, but in short……

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  • We run a discreet service – no branded clothing, no vehicle livery or stickers, and no social media posts while you’re away from home. 
  • Dogs wear our company info tags, are walked in a maximum group of 4, and only let off lead in safe spaces, with your permission, after a trial period to assess behaviour.
  • We also walk dogs exclusively with others from the same household or solo, so we will never leave your dog alone in our vehicle for any length of time.
  • Keys are coded so that they cannot be connected to your property, and we never return keys through letterboxes before you have returned home!
  • We hold industry specific insurance, are certified in professional first aid (for pets and people) and fully DBS checked.

Regular & detailed visit reports

When our clients first come to us, many are concerned about leaving their pet and not knowing what they’re up to or how they’re getting on. We feel this way too!

We address this issue directly, with comprehensive visit reports every time we visit your pet.

We will give you as much information, and as many cute pictures as you like for each visit. You can also get notifications and check your reports via our free mobile app, and we even have GPS tracking for outdoor adventures.

Free membership with excellent benefits

All of your pet’s info in one place – know when they were last given flea or worming treatments, record training progress and dates for birthdays and events

simple online booking process

last minute bookings in just a few clicks

emergency call out when we hold a key copy



Committed to advancing standards

Using only fear free and reward-based practices backed by science, co-operative care, and consentual interactions.

continuously building on skills, education and understanding

Advocate for holistic care practices, improving welfare standards, and helping owners to give their pets the rich and fulfilling lives they deserve.


Environmentally conscious

paper free processing – 100% digital data storage and booking software.

walking within local area where possible

using environment friendly products